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360 HDR Bracket Tool For Theta App

Welcome to my blog, and thank you for purchasing my app. The 360 HDR Bracket Tool For Theta App I developed is intented to provide a low cost and convenient on set 3D/VFX production tool, working together with a RICOH Theta S or Theta SC 360 camera. This app is capable of shooting multiple 360 images with wide range exposure level settings automatically, which is more than the official Theta App can do.

New book found, Computer Vision for Visual Effects

I was just searching the key words “visual effect programming language”, interestingly I got the book as one of the result, Computer Vision for Visual Effects by Richard J. Radke. Then I think, Oh, THIS IS WHAT I AM GOING TO DO. Further researches return me a presentation of the author, at here. Maybe you can get the book from Amazon. Wish all TD or VFX supervisors can realise how Computer Vision researches advanced the VFX industry in all these years.