Happy to publish our new app.

This app is a knowledge hub for the Bronze Drum aka. the Dong Son drum. The Bronze Drum is a kind of ethnic symbolic artifact and art craft in Southern China and South Eastern Asia region. The patterns and models about Bronze Drum are fascinating, very generative, and valuable for designing purpose.

This app is developed using an innovative Bronze Drum pattern generation algorithm, that can automatically generate Bronze Drum pattern for creating beautiful and complex art works in both 2D and 3D.

Moreover, we have been working on this app as a place that allowing people to learn knowledge about the Bronze Drum, there are many vocabularies and short articles prepared in our app.

This app requires internet connection to work. And users must login to fully use its functions. The app allows Wechat and Weibo SSO login.

If there’s any issue/bug/suggestion, please send us email, as the contact is in the app. There will be further development and functions added.


VFXWare Dev Team,

GUO Jianming, Leader LI Chunhui, Front End Developer LIU Ruiqi, Content Management

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